DRM (Digital Rights Management)

Protecting your content from unauthorized use is crucial. Whether it’s monetized premium content or non-commercial corporate videos, video DRM (Digital Rights Management) offers the control you need to make sure your media is used only as intended.

Kaltura's Universal DRM offers a unique two-way bridge to enable content providers to use a single solution for both new and legacy players and streaming technologies. The solution can seamlessly support PlayReady Smooth Streaming with Silverlight to deliver content to browsers where HTML5 EME is not yet available, while translating the Smooth Stream to HTML5 EME where it is available. The Kaltura video player supports both old and new DRM systems with a single player configuration across browsers and native apps to ensure seamless support for analytics, business rules, and user experience. This enables media companies, content right owners, and OTT providers to stream premium content without needing to worry about which browser, device, or platform is being used.

Part of Kaltura’s multi-layered content security strategy, DRM technology provides maximum protection through encryption and per-session licensing for playback.

Kaltura Video Platform DRMMedia Encryption as DRM

We’ll transcode and encrypt your content on the Kaltura cloud as part of the ingestion process. DRM encryption can happen during ingest, or content can be encrypted on the fly via the Kaltura On-The-Fly Packager. Alternatively, you can use your in-house transcoding and DRM encryption utilities, and only then upload the files to Kaltura or to your CDN.

Multi DRM Integration

With Kaltura's Universal DRM, take advantage of a multi-DRM service. Kaltura's video platform is integrated with Google Widevine, PlayReady DRM technologies, and Apple Fairplay for content protection. Seamlessly support both old and new players and streaming technologies with a single platform.

Kaltura offers a single flat fee for Universal DRM, eliminating the need to pay for multiple DRM licenses.

Multiple licenses

Kaltura On-The-Fly DRM Packager

With Kaltura On-The-Fly Packager, encrypt content as needed. Clear content is securely stored by Kaltura and encrypted at rest. Benefits of Kaltura's on-the-fly encryption include:

  • Cost effectiveness: Delivers the most cost effective and robustly-supported on-the-fly DRM schema based on the current playback scenario.
  • Reduced storage costs: No need to pre-encrypt content to multiple DRM schemas.
  • Future-proofed: As a SaaS component, Kaltura handles DRM encryption on-the-fly upon playback and will continue to be seamlessly updated, so there is no need to worry about adding new devices with new DRM schemas.

License-Protected Playback Flow from Multiple Devices

Playback is enabled only upon receipt of a per-session license, obtained through a set of pre-defined rules. The Kaltura HTML5 Player and native application developer tools (SDKs) for iOS and Android support DRM secured delivery and playback.

Access Controls and Authorization

Leverage Kaltura’s built–in access controls as an out-of-the-box authorization system integrated within the DRM license issuing flow. This includes integration with external, service-specific, business logic and authorization.

Integrated Content Management

Seamlessly manage both regular and encrypted content from the same KMC account.