Live Streaming

Maximize the value of your live events with Kaltura Live Streaming. Kaltura's platform offers an exceptional viewing experience and a host of features to enhance your event.

Take advantage of cloud transcoding, ad-stitching, and real-time analytics delivered to any device. Extend event value with instant archiving. Scale from a few events to 24/7 live broadcasts. Easily, quickly create new live events, in less than five minutes from live-stream set up to broadcast.

What Can Live Streaming Be Used For?

Live Streaming Weather

  • 24/7 media broadcasts, such as news and weather
  • TV and radio
  • Sports
  • Houses of worship
  • Events and conferences
  • Lectures
  • Online events with up to millions of concurrent viewers

Delivering Live to Every Device

Live Streaming Sports

One size fits all live streaming solutions are a thing of the past. Today, live streams need to support use cases from delivering webcasts on limited bandwidth cell phone networks to delivering premium OTT home subscriptions on an HD television. Kaltura’s live cloud transcoding provides optimized defaults for delivering multi-format multi-bitrate video to the appropriate devices.

Fast-Provisioning API

Kaltura's Live Streaming API immediately provisions live adaptive bitrate streaming across devices. As part of Kaltura's modular platform, the Live Streaming API easily integrates live streaming into existing workflows, removing concerns about scale and service availability.

Integrated with Industry-Leading Encoders

Broadcast live anywhere, using any RTMP or RTSP encoders, including Wirecast, FMLE, Teradek, Harmonic, Digital Rapids, Elemental, and from mobile devices through Wowza goCoder.


Real-time Analytics and Quality of Service Monitoring

Track live broadcast engagement in real time. Monitor fall-off rates against ad insertions and content events. Track the quality of service of stream delivery to better understand your audience and optimize the viewing experience. Kaltura also integrates with live stream analytics and Quality of Service providers such as Comscore Stream Sense, Adobe Heartbeat, and Nice People at Work YouBora.



Monetize Everywhere

Live ad stitching enables one-to-one ad targeting with frame-accurate ad insertion, without a dedicated client player runtime. Vastly broaden the devices on which you can monetize content.

Smooth Live-to-VOD

Live to VOD ensures that viewers can watch your content even if they missed the live broadcast. After the event, the event page can automatically transition from live content to archival content of the event.

Scalable and Secure Delivery

Kaltura eCDN provides scalable and secure video delivery behind a firewall. Kaltura eCDN combined with Kaltura's industry leading enterprise video portal and live webcasting solution, effectively delivers high-quality video to an unlimited number of users, in any number of remote sites, on any device, with no impact on your network's WAN/LAN.

Extended Engagement Features

Experience cutting-edge live streaming features such as DVR/timeshifting. Real-time metadata events enable interactive experiences on live content, such as slide synchronization.

White-Glove Production Service

If you prefer not to run your own production, take advantage of Kaltura's White Glove Production Service, offering professional end-to-end multi-camera HD production and streaming management for any sized event. From an enterprise webcast to large conferences to studio work, our production team has the experience to execute on both live content creation and streaming management to ensure you have a successful event.