Video Analytics

Make decisions based on real data, and leave speculation behind. Our built-in analytics and reports provide you with the insight you need to successfully manage your content. View a quick snapshot of high-level figures, or drill down to user- or video-specific information. Use our reports to gain business insights, understand user trends and learn if your content discovery and exposure strategies have paid off. Already using an analytics or audience measurement tool? Leverage our plugins for all major solutions to consolidate your data. 

Built-in Reports and Analytics

Here are just a few of our easy-to-understand reports:

Top Content – Find out how your viewers are engaging with your content: which content your viewers are watching the most, and which videos are getting little attention.

Kaltura Analytics - Top Content






Content Drop-off – This report looks into user attention span. Which videos are viewers watching all the way through? Which ones are abandoned and when?

Content Interaction – Are your videos generating active user engagement?  Track active behavior such as editing, sharing, downloads, and more.

Kaltura Analytics - Content Drop-off

Geographic Distribution – Pinpoint the exact geo location of your viewers.

Top Syndication – Find out where your videos have been played in order to invest your site management resources wisely.

Content Contributions – For collaborative and UGC-based sites, discover which users are uploading the most content, and from which sources.


User Based Reports - Review a named list of viewers who watched specific videos.  Identify employees or students that watched a training video till the end, those that only made it half way through, and those who didn’t watch it at all. Cross reference this data with other data available in your organization (for example on employee/student performance) to uncover correlations between video watching patterns and other parameters.

System Reports - Learn how users are engaging with content across different platforms (desktop, mobile, game-consoles, etc.), operating systems and browsers. 


Usage Reports - Manage your storage and bandwidth resources with billing related queries. Use them as a “call to action” to extend resources, moderate users or distinguish unusual users.

Live Analytics – Monitor live events in real time or compare historical data to understand utilization, identify and solve problems, and make informed decisions. A convenient console displays number and locations of concurrent users as well as quality of service metrics for multiple live streams.

Analytics API

Leverage Kaltura robust Analytics API to create your own custom reports. Integrate relevant report widgets into your environment, web CMS or LMS.

Plugins for 3rd Party Analytics Platforms

Already using another web analytics or audience measurement solution? Consolidate your data into a single interface with plugins for Comscore, Omniture, Nielsen, Conviva, Akamai, or Google Analytics.

Kaltura Analytics 3rd Party Plugins