Video Streaming and Delivery

Video Streaming

Our video streaming capabilities are designed around three concepts - quality, security, and flexibility. Your audience will enjoy excellent playback across devices and changing network conditions, while you control the level of security and viewer access to content. You can configure the system to stream from our servers, your internal network, any CDN, or any hybrid combination of sources.

Our video delivery solutions guarantee a flawless viewing experience for your users - on any device, via any connection, worldwide.

Cross Device Delivery

Video Platform - HD Streaming

Stream video to any type of device - mobile, PC or set-top-box. Our multiple flavor transcoding and adaptive bit-rate delivery, guarantee the best results for your viewers.

HD Streaming

Stream the highest quality video for a superb viewing experience.

Adaptive Bitrate

Our adaptive bitrate technology guarantees a smooth playback experience, no matter what connection speed or device your viewer is using. We support video streaming via HTTP, HTTPS, RTMP, the Akamai HD Network, and Apple HTTP Live Streaming.

Secure Delivery of Video Streams

We make sure your content is viewed only by authorized viewers and cannot be recorded and used by non-official/illegal distribution channels. Protect video by streaming over RTMPE and HTTPS encrypted protocols. Kaltura also protects your content via authentication tokens and Tokenized URLs.

Access ControlVideo Platform - Access Control

Control exactly when and where your content is published. Content can be available all the time, or only within a specified timeframe. Open your media to the world, or restrict it by domain and geo location. You can even limit viewing to internal networks with IP address range restrictions. 


Video Delivery Options

Bundled CDN Service

Leverage our relationships and full integration with tier 1 global CDNs such as Akamai, Amazon Cloud Front, Limelight Networks and Level3 to handle your streaming for you at competitive pricing.

Use Your Own CDN

Both our self-hosted and SaaS platform customers are free to use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) of their choice.

Video Streaming - Behind Firewall Delivery

Behind the Firewall Delivery

Choose to deliver content from behind the firewall using one of our delivery solutions:

Kaltura Internal Delivery Solution – an out-of-the-box solution to stream live and VOD content behind the firewall. Our streaming and edge servers will effectively deliver content across your organization in a multi-user, multi-site and multi-device environment. With this option, you can multicast or unicast live broadcasts, whether it is your CEO’s speech, a faculty lecture or a studio production, to your internal audience.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure – whether you are using components of Kaltura’s Internal Delivery Solution or leveraging existing video delivery tools, we'll integrate our video management technology for a full behind-the-firewall video solution. For example, we can integrate with WAN accelerators (such as Bluecoat, Riverbed), P2P eCDNs (such as Ignite, Kontiki) or server based solutions (such as Cisco eCDS or home-grown solution based on Adobe Media Server, Wowza and others).

Smart Delivery

Save on hefty CDN costs and utilize your network resources effectively with our smart delivery. Leverage smart delivery rules such as dual delivery – where content consumed within the organization is delivered from local servers, while content consumed from outside is delivered via CDN.

Learn more about the different use-cases and hosting possibilities on the Kaltura Deployment Options page.


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