Eloqua Video Extension

What is the Kaltura Video Extension for Oracle Eloqua?

Download the Eloqua Video Extension Datasheet

Our integration with Oracle Eloqua allows modern marketers to enhance their marketing campaigns with video as a strong marketing tool. Easily add videos to Eloqua landing pages, and track user interaction. With our tools, you’ll convert viewers into customers faster, with measurable ROI for your produced videos.

Built on top of Kaltura’s market leading video platform, you’ll get powerful video capabilities seamlessly built-in to Eloqua. These include player customization and branding, video galleries and micro-sites, video SEO, CMS integrations, distribution to social sites, spotless playback quality and much more.

Kaltura Video Extension for Eloqua














What are some typical use cases for the Kaltura Video Extension?

  • Video Marketing - enhance and scale your existing marketing campaigns with one-click video publishing to Eloqua landing pages.
  • Lead Generation and Engagement - collect more leads with in-player calls-to-actions, forms, and related videos.
  • Lead Nurturing and Qualification - track video engagement data to improve lead nurturing and MQL/SQL lead qualification via segmentation, targeting, and scoring.
  • Sales Enablement - provide your sales professionals with lead specific video engagement data to help them understand the lead’s interests.
  • Video Content Improvement - use detailed video analytics and A/B testing to constantly improve your video content for maximum engagement.
  • Measurable Video ROI - track conversion of your video marketing campaigns to justify your video production budget.

Key Features and Benefits of the Kaltura Video Extension

  • Centrally manage all your video content on Kaltura’s cloud-based digital asset management system. Easily repurpose to Eloqua, embed on sites, and distribute to YouTube/Facebook/Twitter.
  • Add SEO-driven videos to landing pages directly from Eloqua’s interface as a cloud content.
  • Collect detailed video engagement data within Eloqua and use it for segmenting, targeting, scoring and generation of sales insights.
  • Add forms and call-to-action buttons on the player to increase engagement and lead conversions, and maximize ROI on your produced videos.
  • Customize and brand your video players: both looks and functionality.
  • Superb viewing experience anywhere, anytime, on any device: automatic transcoding of uploaded videos, adaptive streaming, and delivery via leading CDNs.
  • Enterprise grade video technology: end-to-end security, reliability, scalability and flexibility.