Kaltura CaptureSpace™

What is CaptureSpaceTM?

Kaltura CaptureSpace combines painless recording, automated publishing, and interactive viewing to enable easy video capture in class, at the office, at home, or on-the-go. 

  • Content creators capture multi-stream recordings of up to three video inputs synchronized with a PowerPoint presentation or screen capture.
  • Viewers can navigate to desired content, search through slide text, switch between video streams, and view picture in picture.

CaptureSpace makes it simple to create searchable, interactive video that can be viewed on any device at any time

What can CaptureSpace be used for?

Kaltura CaptureSpace is the simplest way to turn presentations into video. CaptureSpace enables:

Education Enterprise

Video assignments

Lab demonstrations

Flipped classrooms

Student presentations

Video feedback

Employee onboarding

Online training

Product demonstrations

Cross-departmental knowledge sharing

Capturing employee expertise

Video Capture Solution

Features & Benefits

Seamless recording to viewing
Manages content in one place
Empowers Creators
Records anywhere
  • Automatically captures audio, screen or PowerPoint, and video from up to three sources simultaneously
  • Or audio and presentation only
  • Intuitive, integrated workflow
Engages Viewers
Interactive viewing
  • Viewers chose video input
  • Side-by-side or picture in picture views available
Easy search and navigation
  • Creates searchable slides and navigation automatically