Multi-Account Management Console

What is the Kaltura Multi-Account Management Console?

The Kaltura Multi Account Management Console makes it easy to manage multiple KMC accounts. Value added resellers/OEMs on the Kaltura SaaS platform, multi-department organizations, and other owners of multiple KMC accounts can effectively manage all accounts under one group entity in a simple admin console.

Kaltura Video Platform - Multi Account Management Console








What can I do with the Kaltura Multi Account Management Console?

View and easily access all KMC accounts in one console, register new accounts using pre-configured templates, view usage reports for each account or the entire group, and more.

Features and Benefits

  •  Present a list of all accounts
  •  Login to each KMC account from within the admin view using one-click access
  •  Delete/block account capabilities
  •  View aggregated or per account usage reports
  •  Register a new account to the group
  •  Define “templates” for new accounts created in the group to automatically generate transcoding settings, players, roles, custom metadata etc.

Kaltura Multi-account Management Console