Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM

What is the Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM?

Kaltura Video Navigator for Enterprise Content Management brings the power and flexibility of Kaltura’s proven, award-winning enterprise video technology directly into IBM’s market leading Enterprise Content Management suite, unifying video management into a single platform so that video can easily be managed directly alongside any other content. Adding video as a native content-type enables new video-centric use cases and business workflows, eliminates content silos, and makes it possible to deliver video anytime, anywhere, on any device. Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM’s unified content management, storage, search, and delivery of video, alongside other assets, results in cost savings and reduced risks.

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What are some typical use cases of Kaltura's Video Navigator for ECM?

As video content increasingly plays a critical role in the modern enterprise, the need to store, manage, and retrieve video is rapidly becoming a necessity. Kaltura Video Navigator helps organizations to improve employee productivity by accelerating access to video-centric knowledge and automating video-centric processes; reduce costs by eliminating silos and simplifying video management, delivery, and analytics; and manage risk by applying security and lifecycle governance policies to video. Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM extends your existing investment in ECM by making it easy to create new business workflows and processes, triggered by video assets, that were not easily available until now:


  • Public Safety and Law Enforcement: Manage dash cam, body cam, and traffic cam videos to meet the demanding life cycle governance requirements.
  • Insurance Underwriting and Claims: Capture video as part of insurance claims submission processes, resulting in improved claim accuracy, shorter claim cycle time, lower staffing and travel costs, and improved customer retention.
  • Legal Depositions and HR Interviews: Record video interviews for hiring and legal depositions, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and reducing risk while enforcing full lifecycle governance.
  • Energy and Utilities Inspections: Improve maintenance efficiency and failure process management while lowering repair time through integrated search and management of video assets.
  • Regulated Call Center Monitoring: Store audio and video recordings alongside other assets to efficiently comply with compliance requirements for financial and other regulated industries.

Key Features and Benefits of Kaltura's Video Navigator for ECM

  • Video everywhere: Deliver high quality video content, optimized for user experience, reliably and securely with high playback quality, anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Video as a native data-type: Seamless integration in FileNet Content Manager and IBM Content Foundation repositories
  • Video made simple: Simple and integrated ingest, storage, search, and playback of video content within the IBM Content Navigator framework
  • Automatic classification: Content, including video, is automatically classified for better content utilization
  • Powerful search tools: Search for video content as well as information inside the video
  • All source assets maintained within ECM: Assure compliance
  • Workflows including video: Full support of Case Management workflows with video
  • Analytics and insights: Detailed user analytics showing consumption per-asset, per-user
  • Organizational and lifecycle governance policy support: Versioning, retention, records, and legal hold policies
  • Robust APIs: Enable easy customization and integration with line-of-business applications

Kaltura Video Navigator for ECM is based on Kaltura’s platform integrations with:

  • IBM Content Navigator
  • IBM Content Foundation
  • IBM FileNet Content Manager