Kaltura Video Package for Moodle

The Kaltura Video Package for Moodle allows students, teachers, and administrators to easily create, upload, clip, manage, transcode, publish, and deliver high-quality video to any device. With this plugin, seamlessly integrate video into your Moodle environment for flipped classrooms, lecture capture, video assignments, and more to improve student engagement, creativity, sense of community, and learning outcomes.

Video Platform - Moodle Video Block


With Kaltura's Video Package for Moodle you can:

  • Record video through screen recordings and webcams, or easy capture with Kaltura’s optional video capture solution CaptureSpace
  • Upload existing media from personal video repositories, school archives, or even social platforms
  • Manage media by private repository, course galleries, or shared repository
  • Clip, upload captions, add chapters, and manage thumbnails with in-system editing tools
  • Increase discoverability with in-video search
  • Publish in a course gallery, as part of an assignment or test, in a blog, or more
  • Interactive video quizzing that integrates directly into the Moodle gradebook

Benefits of Kaltura's Video Package for Moodle:

  • Foster creativity, engagement, collaboration, and educational results
  • Secure video content using Moodle permission system
  • Utilize Kaltura's tier 1 hosting and CDN to deliver high-quality video experiences without risking your LMS stalling under a heavy video load
  • Reduce costs and workload by allowing students and faculty to no longer depend on a central media team to upload and manage videos in the LMS
IMS Global Certified