SharePoint Video Extension

What is the Kaltura SharePoint Extension?

The Kaltura SharePoint Extension is a standard SharePoint extension that adds Kaltura’s advanced media authoring and management capabilities to SharePoint. Our out-of-the-box extension enables you to upload, publish and share video directly from your SharePoint environment. This translates into time and money saved for your organization, while users enjoy the simplicity of working within a familiar environment. Start a free trial of the extension today.

Kaltura Video App for SharePoint

What are some typical Sharepoint + Kaltura use cases?

SharePoint usage becomes so much more exciting when you add video supported knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking.

For example:

  • Media Center - Create a central location for knowledge sharing. Use our tools to capture and publish presentations and meetings. Upload professionally produced materials, or transfer knowledge through employee generated content.
  • Corporate Communication Portal - Use our infrastructure to broadcast live to your audience around the globe. Store ‘town hall’ meetings, CEO updates, lectures, and events in a centrally managed location.
  • Media Repository – Easily migrate large volumes of media from existing locations and formats. Organize, search, view, reuse and distribute media assets via native SharePoint screens.
  • Media Portal and Social Sharing Site – Create a repository for rich-media content, and allow users to upload, share, discuss and communicate. Moderate content if needed. Ideal for HR departments, community work, corporate sports teams, and more.

Features and Benefits

  • Full support for user management, roles definition, workflows and metadata, leveraging SharePoint 2010’s existing user and data management schemas.
  • Mobile support and delivery – Browse the video content from any mobile device or tablet.
  • Easy video upload – Upload video in any format or record from your webcam. You can add video directly to the page you’re working on. 
  • Simple bulk content migration
  • Seamless integration with search – Plus deep search of video subtitles, captions and transcripts.
  • Smooth live video broadcasting
  • Superb playback quality – with adaptive streaming technologies, delivered through tier1 CDNs.
  • Configurable player branding and features
  • Central media management across sites and applications through the Kaltura Management Console. Includes video statistics and reports.
  • Kaltura MediaSpace™ – An internal YouTube™-like portal. Publish videos from SharePoint to MediaSpace.
  • Leverage SharePoint to do more – No need to learn a new system. Features are fully integrated into SharePoint. Leverages your custom SharePoint integration.