Kaltura REACH

What is REACH? Searchable and accessible video.

The Kaltura REACH video search and accessibility suite offers two different service options, human captioning and ASR machine transcription, which can be used separately or together. Captions ordered directly within the Kaltura interface are automatically delivered and can be edited within the video for quick review and modification.

Adding captions, transcription, and translations to video immediately improves engagement, search, accessibility, and discoverability of your content.

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Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) Machine Transcription

With ASR, an algorithm instantly recognizes the words spoken in your video and provides machine-based captions for indexing and search. For when you need searchable, discoverable video, this option handles high volumes, fast.

  • Quick and cost-effective
  • 70-95%+ accuracy
  • Trainable ASR Engine
  • “Do It Yourself” Captions Editor
  • Ideal for converting large volumes of video into searchable content for SEO, internal search, and recommendation engines
  • Machine-Based Learning: improves over time, with ability to customize glossary

Human-Based Captioning

With human-based captioning, a professional transcribes your video by hand ensuring the accuracy necessary to meet accessibility regulations. For when you need attention to detail, this option offers the greatest accuracy and compliance.

  • Feature-rich, professional services
  • 99% accuracy
  • Helps support ADA/508 accessibility compliance standards and adheres to FCC caption quality requirements
  • Turnaround times between 3 to 48 hours
  • 15+ languages supported


  • Improved SEO and search rankings
  • Searchable transcripts, Speaker ID, and metadata across video library
  • Semantic keywords and topics for effective video recommendations
  • Access for global audiences with captions and subtitles, handling multiple languages in the same video
  • Government compliance and industry regulations with ADA/508 standards

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