Video Solutions for Marketing, Admissions, Community and Alumni Relations

Our video solutions give you the tools connect with potential students, enrolled students, alumni and the community around your school. Build relationships through engaging video experiences, make onboarding smooth and easy, and cultivate a lasting sense of belonging.

Create a Powerful Online Video Experience 

Create a rich video presence on your website. We support the workflow of your choice for video management - leverage our content management system, out-of-the-box support for Drupal and WordPress, or custom integration with the CMS of your choice. Adding video will be just as easy as uploading text and replacing an image.

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Use the Industry’s Best Cross-Device Smart Player

The Kaltura player leads the industry in flexibility, ease of customization, plugin offerings and speed. Every feature is supported for both HTML5 and Flash with the same configuration, making ease of feature integration across all devices easier than ever before. Our player is easily brandable, offers a host of interactive features (quizzes, polls, surveys, chapters, annotations, call-to-actions, ads, rating), social sharing, related videos serving, and much more. Kaltura is also committed to making video accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, sight and cognitive ability. Acting on the w3c Accessible Rich Internet Applications recommendations, and in collaboration with accessibility experts, we created the industry leading accessible video player.

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Reach Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Kaltura supports adaptive streaming natively within the Kaltura Player. Our player detects the bandwidth and viewer device, and adjusts the flavor (combination of format, codex, size, quality) throughout playback to provide the best possible video quality. We also also support adaptive streaming for mobile devices including the apple M3U8 container. Kaltura is a leader in HTML5 player development, and has adopted a mobile first approach for all delivery.

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Get Seen with Built-in SEO

Kaltura Video Platform for Education Analytics

We’ll make sure you get noticed with built in video SEO features. We combine two techniques for best results:

  • Submitting an always updated Video Site Map
  • Optimizing your site for organic search results

Use Analytics to Inform Your Strategy

Track, understand, and make informed decisions based on end-users behavior.

Kaltura provides a built-in web video analytics infrastructure combined with a state-of-the-art reporting tool. Already using another web analytics solution? Leverage our plugins for Comscore, Omniture, Nielsen, Conviva, Akamai, or Google Analytics.

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Go Beyond Your Own Website – Share, Distribute and Syndicate

The Kaltura Player includes built-in sharing to popular social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress and more), and distribution to third party platforms like YouTube, Google, Yahoo! and iTunes, at the click of a button.

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Content Discovery

Use Kaltura’s robust content discovery with in-video search, related video recommendations, and video chapters. Viewers will easily find what they are looking for, or enjoy discovering unfamiliar content.

Launch your CampusTube™: Your Own Social Video Portal

Step-up teaching, social learning, collaboration, marketing, community and athletics, by launching a Campus Tube - Kaltura’s out-of-the-box video portal. Reach more students, potential candidates, and alumni. Provide easy authoring, upload, moderation, publishing, search, browsing, and sharing of videos across devices. Create content channels for individual faculty members, departments, ad-hoc collaboration groups, alumni, athletics fans, and more. 

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Broadcast Live Events

Kaltura provides the best live-stream viewing experience, with a host of features to maximize value from live events. Take advantage of cloud transcoding, real-time analytics, ads and live captions delivered to any device. Extend event value with live to VOD clipping and instant archiving. Scale from a few events to 24/7 live broadcasts.

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User Generated Content

Encourage users to upload media (video, audio and images) from their desktop, record a webcam video, record their screen, or create a synchronized video presentation. You can create a customized user generated content experience using Kaltura’s ingestion API and Kaltura’s upload widgets.

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Video Editing for Everyone

With our editing tools, your videos are just a starting point. Trim videos to create clips of the most interesting sections, string videos or clips together to create playlists, generate thumbnails from videos or upload external images, add subtitles to enable accessibility and deep search, and more.

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Upload and ingestion Made Easy

We offer a variety of ways to upload media for both users and administrators. Ingestion methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Desktop Upload
  • FTP
  • Web interface via the Kaltura Contribution Wizard
  • Smartphones via mobile app
  • Email upload utility
  • Third party custom-built apps for upload
  • Monitored Drop Folders
  • mRSS
  • sFTP
  • Aspera
  • Signiant
  • XML/CSV bulk upload
  • API calls

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Full API access

Rather than providing a single video management application, we offer an ever-growing number of applications based on our robust development framework. The framework exposes hundreds of well-documented APIs that enable every online video and rich media functionality including ingestion, transcoding, management, metadata normalization and manipulation, syndication and distribution, cross-device delivery & publishing, monetization, engagement, and analytics. The platform provides unmatched modularity, flexibility, and extensibility, for rapid and cost-effective development, testing, deployment, and usage of video-powered solutions.

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Mobile SDK

Our mobile SDKs and reference applications enable you to deliver seamless, high-quality video to audiences everywhere by enhancing mobile, tablet, set-top box, and TV cross-delivery capabilities. Check out our new Google TV Application, Xbox Integration, Native iOS and Android SDKs and Reference Applications. Learn more about our mobile capabilities.

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