Video Solutions for Media Repository and Archiving

Are you looking for a way to organize your video collection and make it searchable and accessible to your students, teachers, staff and community? Kaltura makes it simple:


Kaltura Video Platform for Education Media Repository

Kaltura enables you to centralize your media management for the various media sources on your campus – recorded classes, student projects, informational content, lectures, events, videos for admissions, alumni and athletics sites, library collections, student life/community, and more. Media can be uploaded manually, in batch or via API. Kaltura supports virtually any file format, including videos, images and audio.

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Use our Management Console to organize your videos into meaningful categories with unlimited sub-levels. Leverage out-of-the-box or custom metadata to properly index your media and enable powerful media search. Kaltura’s robust custom metadata capabilities enable accurately mapping media assets to your existing metadata schemas and standards (e.g. PBCore).

Kaltura Video Platform for Education Media Repository Metadata and Management Console

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  • Learn about Kaltura’s Management Console (KMC) – the rich-media management system that enables you to perform bulk ingestion and upload, create transcoding profiles, manage metadata and categories, design and configure players, create playlists, view analytics, configure live streaming, distribute content across the web, configure ad campaigns, control access to media, manage your account, users, entitlements and permissions, and much more - all in one intuitive interface.
  • Learn about Kaltura’s custom metadata support


Make sure your videos are easily discovered, served in an intuitive way, and available to anyone, anywhere.

Enable Powerful Search - based on any metadata field, including custom metadata and transcriptions

Reach a greater audience – distribute your content to third-party platforms and partners such as iTunes U or YouTube™ and create RSS feeds of your content 

Create an intuitive user experience – by integrating Kaltura with your standard library catalog, leveraging Kaltura’s CampusTube portal to showcase you video collection, or a combination of the two. Also allow users to embed media within the LMS/CMS.

Superb Video Quality: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device - Give your users the best viewing experience possible - no matter where they are, or which device they’re using. Our player supports adaptive streaming, detecting your bandwidth and device to deliver the best playback experience possible.

Wide Video Accessibility - our goal has always been to make video accessible to everyone. We’re committed to making video accessible to people with a diverse range of hearing, sight and cognitive ability. Acting on the the w3c Accessible Rich Internet Applications recommendations, and in collaboration with accessibility experts, we created the industry leading accessible video player.


Defined Community

Kaltura allows you to make sure your videos are delivered only to authorized viewers. Use your existing LMS permissions, implement a Single Sign On solution (SSO), enhance it with a variety of access control features and other security measures, and even implement a complete Digital Rights Management (DRM) solution.

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