Video Solutions for Social Business: Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration and Internal Communications

The value of video within the organization is immense. Video offers employees an engaging way to communicate ideas at scale, an effective way to collaborate within geographically dispersed teams, and adds authenticity to the messages delivered. The result is a steadfast growth of organizational knowledge, more productive teams, and more creative employees. 

Bring your Video Strategy to Life with Our Solutions:

Launch CorporateTube: Your Social Video PortalKaltura Video Platform CorporateTube

Easy to install and customize, CorporateTube is an excellent way for your employees to safely contribute and showcase video content. Users can create, upload, share, search, browse, and watch live and on demand videos, video presentations, screencasts, and other rich-media content.

With unmatched user engagement features, CorporateTube channels the power of online video, promoting community, collaboration and knowledge sharing. Top that off with a superb cross-device user experience, and powerful control and governance tools, and watch your business become a true social enterprise.

How are organizations using CorporateTube? 

  • Engineers and Product Managers showcase their work and collect feedback
  • Sales reps use video for new product training and customer presentations
  • Dispersed teams publish searchable web-meeting recordings
  • Executives communicate with live and on-demand video to reach global audiences
  • HR teams promote companywide initiatives
  • Help Desk and Support teams use screen capture to explore and resolve issues

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Bring the Power of Video into Social Business Applications and Intranet Sites

We offer packaged integrations with applications like Jive, IBM Connections, SharePoint and others, so that you can enjoy the full-potential of video and maximize your investment in social business tools.Kaltura Video Platform for Enterprises SharePoint Video Extension

Our platform features are securely and seamlessly integrated into the familiar interface. Employees and administrators can easily create and consume video content on pages, blogs, forums, communities, and profiles, within social business applications and intranet sites like Drupal, WordPress, and CQ5.

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Video Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device

Reach your workforce and customers wherever they are, on any device. We offer industry leading HTML5 support, automatic device detection, and automatic adjusting of site layout to any screen size and any device.

Our native mobile CorporateTube app is available for download from the app store, and includes features such as offline playback, DRM, and more.

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Get More From Your Web Meeting / Webinar Recordings

Improve knowledge sharing and save on storage costs by centralizing your WebEx or GoToMeeting web-meeting recordings. Kaltura allows you to automatically import recordings of your team meetings, video-conferences, and webinars into your central enterprise media repository. You can then easily publish them on CorporateTube, SharePoint, IBM Connections, Jive, corporate LMS and others destinations available to employees and partners. Users will be able to search, share, and watch these recordings on any device, transforming them into evergreen assets.

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Live Webcasts for Corporate Communications

Boost enterprise communication with live webcasting capabilities directly integrated within your corporate video portal. You can broadcast CEO and executive announcements, stream townhalls, corporate events, and live training webcasts, with full scalability and optimized global delivery, on any device.

Kaltura’s webcasting solution supports internal delivery that’s easy on your corporate WAN/LAN, and allows publishing of the webcast recording to your VOD portal for increased ROI on video production.

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Preserve Knowledge with Employee Generated Content (EGC) Tools

Transform valuable employee knowledge into tangible, re-usable resources. With our EGC tools in place, employees can easily create how-to videos, software tutorials, expert advice, and sales success stories.

We offer and end-to-end solution: Content creation is a cinch with webcam recording and screen capture tools already integrated into the various social business apps. On the publishing end, our CorporateTube social video portal makes videos discoverable by employees worldwide.

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Measure Success with Detailed Analytics

Track and understand your end-users’ video related behavior and measure the effectiveness of your video initiatives, with actionable analytics. Kaltura’s reporting includes user and content-specific indicators for media analytics and audience measurement. Discover which videos are trending and are most popular, which employees contribute the most videos, which platforms or devices content is consumed from, how successfully video is adopted across the organization and for what purposes.

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Security and Governance for your Social Business 

Our end-to-end security and governance mechanisms enable your employees to create and share valuable information without exposing your business to risk. Whether your videos are used internally or externally they’ll be securely stored, delivered, and accessed by authorized viewers only – across all devices. This includes private and restricted channels, end-user entitlements, SSO/LDAP/AD integration, geo/IP/Doman restrictions, DRM, stream encryption, and many other mechanisms that ensure IT, Security, Legal, and Compliance peace of mind. Kaltura passed some of the strictest security tests by our customers in the financial, insurance, and government sectors.

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Central Digital Asset Management – Upload Once, Publish Everywhere

Kaltura provides you with a central digital asset repository to store, manage, and distribute all of your rich-media content. This allows you to avoid the overhead of siloed rich-media management. At the same time, you’ll also be optimizing the access, publishing, sharing, and reach of your videos across all enterprise applications connected to Kaltura: your CorporateTube, SharePoint, and even your external corporate site.

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