Learning & Training

Video Solutions for Learning and Training

Save time and costs with online video knowledge sharing. Train and educate staff, channel partners, and customers with on-demand or live video. Create a learning center to preserve company knowledge. Kaltura integrates with all leading  LMS platforms, as well as SharePoint and other CMSs.

Launch Your Own Video Learning Center with Kaltura MediaSpace™ 

Video Solutions for Enterprise - MediaSpace Video Portal

Easy to install and customize, MediaSpace is an excellent way to showcase corporate, or employee contributed video content. MediaSpace builds community and user engagement with friendly video search and browsing, video upload, trimming, annotation, sharing, and more.

  • Optimal Playback Experience – with our adaptive bitrate technology.
  • Flexible Content Organization – through the Kaltura Management Console and MediaSpace channels
  • User Channels - Empower employees to create channels focused on specific topics/areas they are subject matter experts on and harness the power of the entire organization to enhance training and learning
  • Easy End-User Media Upload – users can upload and share their own videos
  • Full Mobile Support including iPhone & iPad Compatibility
  • A host of sharing and commenting tools
  • Maximum Video Exposure - present related content, top videos, recent videos, and video playlists.
  • Comprehensive Video Search – easy search and browsing, plus deep search of video subtitles, captions and transcripts

Learning Management System Integrations

Our fully integrated extensions for leading LMS platforms enable full media management capabilities within the secure authorization framework of the underlying LMS. Supported LMS platforms include Blackboard, Desire2Learn, Moodle and Sakai. We can also integrate with any custom LMS system.

Video Solutions for Enterprises - LMS Extensions





Kaltura for SharePoint and Other CMSs

Create a learning center on SharePoint, Drupal, WordPress and other CMSs with our pre-integrated extensions. Kaltura’s platform features are seamlessly integrated into the familiar interface, so that employees and administrators can easily contribute content or add company produced materials for on-site or remote knowledge sharing.