Video Marketing and Brand Awareness

Kaltura provides all the video tools for modern marketers and e-commerce professionals to engage viewers and convert them to well-informed customers. Kaltura does all the heavy lifting on the backend to help you turn video into a key part of your marketing strategy.

Maximum Engagement: Your Website Enhanced With VideoKaltura Video Platform for Enterprises

Adding video to your corporate website is the best recipe for a more engaging visitor experience – one that brings your products to life, increases visit duration, and reduces bounce rate. Kaltura allows you to brand and customize your player and include it on any page without having to touch a line of code. For a greater impact extend your website with CorporateTube, our out-of-the-box searchable and branded video portal.

Extend the Reach of Your Marketing Videos

Drive more visitors to your website and landing page with our video distribution and SEO tools. We make it easy with one-click syndication to sites like YouTube, instant social sharing and embedding directly from the player, SEO tools, and video recommendations.

Convert Viewers to Leads and Customers

Our video players are conversion machines. Whether embedded on your website, social sites, or email campaigns, we create an interactive and actionable experience. Viewers can fill out registration forms directly from the player, watch a related video, view a datasheet, and take additional actions to find out more about your offering and move up the conversion funnel.

Measure Campaign Success with AnalyticsKaltura Video Platform for Enterprises - Analytics

Make decisions based on real data, and leave speculation behind. Our built-in analytics and reports provide you with the insight you need to successfully manage your video-based marketing campaigns. Get real-time information on viewer engagement with your video content and learn what works (and what doesn’t).

Already using an analytics or audience measurement tool? Leverage our plugins for Omniture, Google Analytics, Conviva other major solutions to consolidate your data. 

Kaltura 3rd Party Analytics




Track video Campaigns from Your Marketing Automation Tools

We integrate with marketing automation software like Marketo or Eloqua to simplify tracking video-based marketing campaigns within the context of other marketing activities. Understand how video influences decision making on email campaigns and social website activities, and drive scoring and nurturing based on video viewing behaviors.

Dig deeper: Kaltura Video Extension for Eloqua

Kaltura Video Extensions for Marketing Automation





Superb Video - Anytime, Anywhere, and on Any Device

Kaltura provides the best playback experience on the market. Our players are lightweight and fast, and delivery is seamless - no matter which device your viewers are using. From desktops, to mobile (iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry), digital signs, and OTT, we make sure you can engage your audience with high quality branded video wherever they are. Your mobile users will be able to watch and share videos, and even capture their own videos within your UGC campaigns.

Get More From Your Customer Webinars

With our integrations for leading webinar tools like WebEx and GoTomeeting you can automatically store your customer webinar recordings in Kaltura’s central repository, transcribe them for easy discovery and SEO, and publish on your site under a registration form. The leads will keep coming in well beyond the live event, increasing the ROI on webinar content.

Central Digital Asset Management: Content Management Made Easy

Kaltura provides you with a central digital asset repository to store, manage, analyze, and distribute all of your rich-media marketing content. This allows you to avoid the overhead of a siloed rich-media management approach that often occurs when content comes in from from a variety of sources - agencies, corporate production and communication teams, webinar tools, etc. You’ll also be able to create time-saving workflows for publishing and distribution of marketing videos to a variety of destinations such as your public site, YouTube, search engines, and others.  

Security and Governance for your Social Business 

Our end-to-end security and governance mechanisms enable your employees to create and share valuable information without exposing your business to risk. Whether your videos are used internally or externally they’ll be securely stored, delivered, and accessed by authorized viewers only – across all devices. This includes private and restricted channels, end-user entitlements, SSO/LDAP/AD integration, geo/IP/Doman restrictions, DRM, stream encryption, and many other mechanisms that ensure IT, Security, Legal, and Compliance peace of mind. Kaltura passed some of the strictest security tests by our customers in the financial, insurance, and government sectors.

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