Video Solutions for Training

Onboard and train more employees, faster, and more cost effectively. From reducing training travel costs, to reusing video content, and providing searchable training media - video provides better learning results with a better ROI on content.

Launch TrainingTube: Your Video-centric Corporate Learning Management System (LMS)Kaltura Video Platform for Enterprise - TrainingTube

Now corporate training departments and independent training providers can launch a video-centric LMS designed specifically for onboarding and training employees and partners.

With TrainingTube you will not only improve results and train large quantities of employees fast, you will also save costs on travel, classroom space, content reusability, and hiring of live training personnel/consultants.

What can you do with TrainingTube?

  • Create an instructor-led / self-guided catalog of courses
  • Each course can include a curriculum of interactive training sessions with searchable video recordings, audio, slides, e-books and other docs.
  • Course participants can watch live training webcasts and recorded videos on any device.
  • Trainers can monitor participation with built-in analytics.


The Power of Video, Added to Your Corporate LMS

Our packaged LMS integrations for leading platforms like Moodle, Blackboard, and Sakai take these tools to new heights, with added enterprise-grade video capacities.

  • Add interactive videos to courses, creating a far more engaging experience
  • Enable course participants to securely and seamlessly watch video sessions directly from the LMS, and even create video responses to course assignments.
  • Enrich course experience and get the best ROI on your LMS investment

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Kaltura Video Platform - TrainingTube





Live Training Sessions, With On-demand Recordings

Launch live training webinars directly from Kaltura’s interactive webcasting tool complete with interactive polls and Q&A, or use your own webinar technology (e.g. WebEx, GoToMeeting). You can record your live training session and automatically create a searchable on-demand video library of recorded sessions on your TrainingTube or an intranet site. Kaltura’s webcasting solution supports internal delivery that minimizes impact on your corporate WAN/LAN, so you can scale your internal training initiatives.

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Preserve Knowledge with Employee Generated Content (EGC) Tools

Transform valuable employee knowledge into tangible, re-usable resources. Employees can easily create how-to videos, software tutorials, expert advice, and sales success stories, freeing up time for the corporate training department focus on core training curriculum.

We offer and end-to-end solution: content creation is a cinch with webcam recording and screen capture tools already integrated into the various social business apps. On the publishing end, our CorporateTube social video portal makes videos discoverable by employees worldwide.

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Video Training Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device

Deliver knowledge to your workforce wherever they are, and train employees on-the-go, with video delivered to any device.

We offer:

  • Industry leading HTML5 support, automatic device detection, and automatic adjusting of site layout to any screen size and to any device.
  • A native mobile CorporateTube app, available for download from the app store, with features such as DRM, and offline playback for watching training videos during a long commute
  • A mobile SDK for creation of customized mobile apps and workflows

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Measure Training Success with Detailed Analytics

Track and understand your end-users’ video related behavior, and measure the effectiveness of your video courses, with actionable analytics. Kaltura’s reporting includes user and content specific indicators for media analytics and audience measurement so that you can consistently improve your training program and measure the ROI of your video-centric training initiatives.

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Security and Governance for your Social Business 

Our end-to-end security and governance mechanisms enable your employees to create and share valuable information without exposing your business to risk. Whether your videos are used internally or externally they’ll be securely stored, delivered, and accessed by authorized viewers only – across all devices. This includes private and restricted channels, end-user entitlements, SSO/LDAP/AD integration, geo/IP/Doman restrictions, DRM, stream encryption, and many other mechanisms that ensure IT, Security, Legal, and Compliance peace of mind. Kaltura passed some of the strictest security tests by our customers in the financial, insurance, and government sectors.

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Central Digital Asset Management – Upload Once, Publish Everywhere

Kaltura provides you with a central digital asset repository to store, manage, and distribute all of your rich-media content. This allows you to avoid the overhead of a siloed rich-media management approach. At the same time, you’ll also be optimizing the access, publishing, sharing, and reach of your videos across all enterprise applications associated with Kaltura: your TrainingTube, SharePoint, and even your external corporate site.

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