Enterprise-grade Video Solutions

At Kaltura, our superb user experience is matched by an “enterprise-grade” underlying infrastructure. We consistently and securely deliver video to millions of viewers each day, with mission critical reliability, security, and performance. Make your video strategy a reality, while giving your IT and Compliance departments peace of mind.

End-to-end Security

We recognize the immense importance of securing your content. With our technology, your employees can create and share valuable information without exposing your business to risk. Kaltura’s solutions - overseen by our Chief Security Officer and Chief Architects - provide end-to-end protection on any device, to make sure your content is viewed only by authorized viewers and cannot be accessed by non-official/illegal distribution channels. This includes private and restricted channels, end-user entitlements, SSO/LDAP/AD integration, geo/IP/Doman restrictions, DRM, stream encryption, data-center physical security (SSAE16 SOC-1 Type II certified data centers), behind-the-firewall deployment (Kaltura On-Prem), and many other security and governance mechanisms. Kaltura’s technology passed some of the strictest security tests by our customers in the financial, insurance, and government sectors.

Complete Reliability and Scalability

Kaltura maintains reliability and uptime of 99.9% within its datacenters. For maximum service availability and redundancy, Kaltura utilizes two synchronized instances of its online video platform, while traffic is balanced between them. To assure high availability, each data center is architected so that there is no single point of failure at any level, with load balancers and automatic failovers. We preserve your data with distributed enterprise class storage, operating local backups and restore tests.

In the Kaltura SaaS environment, we serve over 1 billion streams of video per month. Our data centers process petabytes of content daily, and in conjunction with our CDN relationships, offer virtually unlimited scalability. Kaltura uses the same underlying tier-1 CDN services as those used by some of the largest media companies and enterprises in the world, providing unlimited storage and streaming abilities. The streaming infrastructure ensures the best media delivery performance possible, even when working with high volumes of content (both SD and HD) and audience and when utilizing different streaming methods (e.g., progressive download, RTMP, HTTP Streaming).

Disaster Recovery

Our detailed operational procedures cover the responsibilities, steps, and resolution protocols for disaster recovery scenarios, including the following:

  • Data center is not operative
  • Specific server is not operative (per server type)
  • Specific critical application service is not operational (per critical service type)
  • Database failure
  • Content failure
  • Network failure
  • Ιrregular access to network resources

The Most Flexible Video Platform

Kaltura is the most flexible, extendible, and customizable video platform available on the market. With over 500 REST APIs, that control every core functionality of the platform, we provide a future-proof solution with no vendor lock-in. Kaltura’s API-driven “lego box” approach, empowers you to easily extend, customize, and integrate your video capabilities, often without the need for additional investment in Professional Services. Our platform’s flexibility is reflected in the Kaltura Exchange – our ecosystem of plugins, extension, and integrations.

We also offer a flexible range of deployment options: you can host and manage the entire video solution on Kaltura’s secure cloud (Kaltura SaaS), on your own premises (Kaltura On-Prem), or create a hybrid of the two.

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