Powerful Distribution and Built-In SEO

Our powerful distribution and syndication services make it easy to reach your audience across the web – on aggregator sites, social networks, search engines and across global markets. Powerful SEO tools bring the audience straight to your doorstep.Kaltura Video Platform Video Distribution and SEO

Market Leading Distribution Tools – Kaltura is the only OVP that offers out-of-the-box connectors that allow you to upload videos to a centralized location and distribute them to multiple destinations such as YouTube, Hulu and DailyMotion - at the click of a button.

Built-in SEO – Kaltura makes sure that all your public videos are automatically indexed by market leading search engines such as Google and Bing.

Multi-Language Support - Kaltura's out-of-the-box video hub MediaSpace and its back office tools are available in multiple languages, making your content's potential truly limitless.

Advanced Content Recommendation ­– Keep your audience engaged longer with Kaltura’s in-player recommendation gallery and deep integration with market leading content discovery tools such as Taboola.