Enhancing Healthcare with Video in NNIT

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About NNIT

NNIT is a leading IT consultancy headquartered in Denmark. They focus on advising on, building, and managing IT solutions, with a focus on the pharmaceutical industry. With more than 2,400 employees, they operate offices in six countries around the world.

How is NNIT using video?

One of NNIT’s clients is a major global pharmaceutical company. The client was required by government regulators to provide patients with an additional source of explanation on how to inject their insulin.  They decided video would provide the most descriptive and easily understood instruction for such critical information. But they needed to deliver the video in an extremely reliable and secured manner that could meet stringent compliance regulations. NNIT used Kaltura’s tools for managing and publishing instructional videos to build a platform for their client so that when a patient buys insulin, the instructions include a link to a video that shows how to inject the insulin. Now, patients are able to access short, easy-to-understand videos on any device, without compromising their privacy. Watching a demonstration of how to inject the insulin is easier to follow than reading instructions. The videos help them understand how to use their medications, leading to more confident, happier, healthier patients.  The video solution allowed NNIT to provide their client with a great, secure delivery of these demonstrations as per the regulator requirements.
This ground-breaking use of video to communicate medical instructions represents the future of drug administration. Video instructions will not only reduce doctor and hospital visits, at a huge savings of both time and money, they will help alleviate much of the confusion and anxiety that come with detailed paper usage instructions. By making complicated information easy to understand, video helps improve the overall user experience.

How to choose a video platform

Security is paramount for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Given the high degree of compliance and reliability requirements, NNIT conducted an internal audit on Kaltura’s infrastructure and solution, providing its stamp of approval for Kaltura as a video provider for healthcare and pharmaceutical video use cases. Kaltura was best equipped to help them comply with regulations.

During the evaluation process we of course thought of free solutions, but the security around free solutions is not good enough for the pharmaceutical industry.

Rune Bergendorff, Advanced Business Consultant, NNIT