Video Marketing and Sharing Platform

Kaltura helps you get additional eyeballs and increase ad-based revenue by making it easy to syndicate the video player and do video marketing on partner websites and applications. With Kaltura, you can configure your video player business rules (ad network, analytics, brand colors, etc.) once and then share on other sites using embed codes and MRSS feeds. The player loads on any device and can be dynamically updated with fresh content based on preconfigured rules. The content itself continues to be hosted on your Kaltura account with the full support of the video sharing platform, such as analytics and security.

In addition, you can use Kaltura’s syndication capabilities to post podcasts to iTunes and syndicate your video streams to 3rd party platforms, while maintaining in-stream monetization such as ad-stitching and stream analytics.

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Kaltura makes it easy for your videos to go viral. With a single link, viewers can easily share videos on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and over 50 other social networks, blogs, and sites. Users can also post on any website or blog via HTML embed code.

SEO, So You Can Extend the Reach of Your Video Sharing Platform

Maximize your video marketing's exposure on search engines with best-practice video SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Leverage in-depth metadata to maintain a high ranking on the search engines. Create dynamic video site maps, and keep search engines updated with your content and metadata.

Leverage Kaltura REACH metadata extraction, transcription and translation services to turn your video content into searchable documents. Kaltura makes it easy to lay out your video sites with correct metadata tags and structure, creating the best video experience for your users and reaching wide audiences globally.

Adapt Your Video Marketing to the Audience

Easily create and manage custom syndication feeds and tailor the experience for each website with branded player instances, adapted metadata fields, and custom thumbnails.

Analytics Reports for Syndicated Players

Monitor the most popular syndicators of your content.

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Automated Customer Syndication Workflows with API

Like all platform capabilities, syndication feed creation, management, and execution are fully controlled via the platform API. Leverage Kaltura’s API, SDKs, and BPM connectors to achieve robust custom rule-based syndication workflows.