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Solutions for Any Use Case

Communication and Collaboration

Our video platform offers government staff and contractors advanced video creation, sharing, and consumption tools to communicate ideas at scale, collaborate between teams and agencies, and improve productivity. Launch live webcasts to align and inform the organization, share knowledge videos in a secure portal, and enhance existing communication and collaboration activities with the power of video.

Training and Knowledge Sharing

Onboard and train government staff and contractors faster. Achieve better learning results and lower costs using Kaltura's video solutions for training and knowledge sharing. Stream live training sessions and compliance info-sessions, capture lectures and meetings, publish training recordings online, and allow staff to create and share their knowledge, build organizational knowledge and quickly scale training and learning programs.

Government Communication and Public Engagement

Stream and record council meetings, court cases, ceremonies, and special events, publish webcasts with powerful messages and public announcements, provide election-related updates and inform the community using Kaltura's live and on-demand video capabilities. Kaltura's highly customizable video engagement and interactivity tools help you modernize the way your organization drives pubic engagement and communicates with external audiences.

Explore the 10 Key Capabilities of Successful Government Video Platforms

Datasheet: Kaltura Solutions for Government Agencies

Explore Deployment Options


Full-featured Software-as-a-Service video platform, including full Kaltura support and services such as tier-1 hosting, streaming, delivery, transcoding, syndication, distribution, advertising, security, monitoring and more.

On-Prem Edition

Full featured self-hosted Video Platform Software installed on your own servers or cloud and supported and maintained by Kaltura.

Hybrid Deployment

Combination of SaaS and On-Prem for external and internal use cases, for maximum flexibility.


Create your own FederalTube,

an out-of-the-box video portal.

Add our advanced video authoring and management 

capabilities to Microsoft SharePoint.

Manage and publish your media

through one intuitive interface.

Discover our market-leading player.

Provide scalable and secure video delivery behind the firewall.

Enhance your social business with the 

powerful combination of Kaltura and Jive

Bring the power and flexibility of Kaltura directly

into IBM’s Enterprise Content Management suite.

Fully integrate advanced video capabilities into

your IBM Connections social business platform

Easy rich media capture from your desk.