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Kaltura OTT TV – The Next-generation Pay OTT TV Solution

Kaltura’s end-to-end OTT TV platform - the most comprehensive video solution available today, provides operators and media companies with the opportunity to create personal and social pay TV experiences across multiple devices with Live, VOD, Catchup and cloud DVR (nPVR)

Any Business
Combine the right business logic to maximize the value of your content such as SVOD, TVOD, AVOD or a hybrid of the three, as well as freemium models, discounts, coupons, gamification rewards and MediaStore
Any Experience
Create a personalized experience for each viewer within the household by using Kaltura OTT TV MediaStore - the broadest feature set on the market. Offer a consistent cross device experience that allows users to take their favorite content wherever they go and intuitively interact between screens with TV control, content “swooshing” and synced second screen metadata
Any Device
Provide your viewers with the optimal viewing experience on any device. Support any smartphone or tablet as well as connected TVs, set top boxes, HbbTV devices, PCs, Macs, Chromecast, Apple TV and game consoles. Offer VOD and live content with HD video and adaptive bitrate for optimal viewing experience in any location
The next generation of OTT TV is being rolled out on the Vodafone Spain network.
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Nokia video on how to design an OTT solution that will not become rapidly obsolete.
Universal DRM Primer
Learn more about Digital Rights Management today.