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Video solutions - infotainment and marketing
Marketing and Brand Awareness

Boost brand recognition, engage prospects, and stand out from the competition by leveraging infotainment and marketing videos.

Viewers to customers
eCommerce and Customer Loyalty
Convert viewers to customers, and keep them coming back for more, with in-video calls-to-action that help increase user interaction, improve understanding of your products, increase sales, and reduce product returns.
Live streaming
Internal Communications & Executive Messaging

Stream live or on-demand interactive town hall events, branch communication, all-hands meetings, and announcements to engage employees anywhere on any device, with maximum security and reliability.

Video cloud
Public Communications and Investor Relations

Deliver engaging investor relations calls, high-value customer communications, public announcements, IR communications, and earnings reviews to analysts, institutional investors, private shareholders and the public – with recordings automatically transcribed for search and accessibility.

Video connects teams
Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Connect geographically dispersed teams and drive idea exchange across the company. Preserve employee expertise and improve productivity with a searchable knowledge base of powerful employee-generated videos, shared across employee portals and social business applications.

Video training
Training & Compliance

Train and onboard more employees, faster, and more cost effectively, with live and on-demand video.

Recruit online

Attract more qualified candidates with engaging online videos and improve the recruiting process with searchable “video resumes”.

Video archive
Centralized Digital Asset Management

Store, manage, search and retrieve all rich-media content in a centralized repository, or seamlessly integrate video as a native content type into your existing Enterprise Content Management system.

Manage and publish your media

through one intuitive interface.

Discover our market-leading video player

Create your own CorporateTube,

an out-of-the-box social video portal

Add our advanced video authoring and

management capabilities to Microsoft SharePoint

Easy rich media capture from your desk

Experience a Webcasting solution that
is fully integrated with your video portal

Bring the power and flexibility of Kaltura directly

into IBM’s Enterprise Content Management suite

Bring the power of Kaltura’s market-leading video

platform to IBM Digital Experience, allowing any user to

easily publish cross-platform, cross-device videos right

from their WebSphere Portal or Web Content Manager

Fully integrate advanced video capabilities into

your IBM Connections social business platform

Enhance your social business with the

powerful combination of Kaltura and Jive

Provide scalable and secure video delivery behind the firewall

Enhance your marketing campaigns

with video as a strong marketing tool

Add advanced video authoring and

management tools to WordPress

Fully incorporate our advanced media

management capabilities to your Drupal site

Get a snapshot of how video is being used in enterprise today
Kaltura’s video marketing tools empower companies to engage with their audiences like never before.
Learn how Rich Products uses video as a sales tool.