Video Partner Network

The Kaltura Partner Network is a global partnership program serving technology integrators and consultants, resellers, referral and OEM partners. The network consists of two programs – the Technology Partner Program and Channel Partner Program - each with a variety of partnership options to match almost any vendor’s needs for bringing rich video experiences and applications to market with Kaltura. 

Plug into a rich community of partners and developers. Build experiences that transform video. Spark innovation through collaboration.

Technology Partner Program

Join hundreds of companies and thousands of individual developers who leverage Kaltura’s platform to build innovative applications or provide consulting and integration services. Choose the best path for your organization with three graduating tiers – Community, Certified and Product – that allow companies to select a range of integration options, commitment levels and growth benefits.

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Community Partners can leverage Kaltura’s extensive APIs to build related and integrated products, and use self-serve tools, guides and marketing materials to quickly go-to-market with little upfront investment.

Certified Partners can develop customized commercial plugins for Kaltura’s Video Player or modules for the Kaltura MediaSpace video portal. Get the benefit of working directly with Kaltura product, sales and marketing experts to create a seamless end-user experience from inception to launch.

Product Partners can work with Kaltura to create a one-stop solution sold by Kaltura’s salesforce. Generate a new channel to grow sales, gain exposure and ease client and business relations.

Channel Partner Program

Stay ahead of the digital curve, embrace the power of video and unlock new revenue opportunities by joining our Channel Partner Program. Our comprehensive programs are aimed at equipping your company with the right solutions to drive new business and help your customers power their video experiences.

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Reseller Partners can immediately extend their product offering with Kaltura’s wide-set of solutions and services. With three progressive partnership tiers to choose from, we offer you the flexibility to match your company’s specific needs with our program.

Referral Partners can leverage Kaltura’s leadership and brand recognition to instantly offer valuable video solutions to customers. Differentiate yourself from the competition by enhancing your offering with video tools that every organization in today’s digital age needs.

OEM Partners can license Kaltura’s platform to deploy a joint solution and add immediate value to your product offering. Seamlessly add video tools and services and collaborate with Kaltura to grow bundled joint sales.

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