Channel Video Partners

Kaltura Channel Partners are independent sales, service, consulting and training specialists. If you are interested in opportunities to grow your business, increase revenue and enrich your product offering, team up with the number one provider of video technology.

Become a one-stop-shop for video everything through our Reseller, Referral or OEM partnership programs. Learn more about our Channel Partner Programs to find the one that best fits your company’s needs.

Program Options

Reseller Partners: Immediately extend your company’s product offering with Kaltura’s wide-set of solutions and services. With three progressive partnership tiers to choose from – Silver, Gold and Platinum – we offer you the flexibility to match your company’s specific needs with our scalable program. Learn more and meet our current Reseller partners.

Referral Partners: Leverage Kaltura’s leadership and brand recognition to instantly offer valuable video solutions to customers. Separate yourself from the pack by enriching your offering with video tools and services that every organization needs in today’s digital world. Meet our current Referral partners.

OEM Partners: License Kaltura’s platform to deploy a joint solution and add immediate value to your product offering. Seamlessly add video tools and services to your solution to collaborate with Kaltura and grow bundled joint sales. Meet our current OEM partners.

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