Asynchronous OTT Viewing

Today’s viewers expect time-shifted TV. Asynchronous OTT viewing allows viewers to watch their favorite programs wherever and whenever they want in a nonlinear way.

Live Skip Back and Start Over

Let your viewers rewind on live feeds or even start over by tapping a button or scrolling the time bar.


Set a defined period of time (e.g., the past 7 days) in which viewers can watch previously aired content.

Cloud DVR

Through Cloud DVR (cDVR) or nPVR (network personal video recorder), offer a smart scheduling recorder based in the cloud so your viewers can record content to watch later, whether by pre-booking through the EPG or instantly launching while in the middle of the program. Through the cloud, easily store and retrieve content while meeting rights obligations.

Download To-Go

Allow users to download content and watch it offline as an additional engagement feature, or offer as part of an up-charge.