OTT Discovery and Search

OTT search allows users to find their programs, whether by looking for keywords in the video title, advanced metadata tags, social trends, or by correlating the content type with their profile.

Kaltura’s OTT tools make your video library more searchable and discoverable. Making your content more easily discovered increases engagement, reducing churn. Drive traffic and transform TV into a social experience with personalized recommendations and relevant content.

Unified Search

Viewers can always find what they’re looking for with Kaltura’s friendly search. The results can be filtered or sorted by multiple criteria (rating, video type, A-Z, price, etc.). Viewers can even define specific media types, such as adult content, that will not appear in search results. It even includes auto-complete.

The cross-catalogue search includes live, VOD, and cloud DVR; it can also search across third parties, such as Netflix, if these are included as part of the OTT service.

Recommendation Engines

Kaltura’s sophisticated OTT recommendation engine can suggest new content to viewers based on a number of different factors, including:

  • Metadata, including genre, actor, and director
  • Other content viewed by users who watched a particular piece of content
  • Trending content, such as the most popular movies in the last week
  • Editorial recommendations, where content users choose which content to suggest
  • Social recommendations, based on what the user’s Facebook friends are watching

Notification Tools

Issue mobile push notifications, either by letting uses subscribe for specific topics or by sending messages proactively. Users can choose whether or not to receive notifications, which can include following specific TV shows as well as system announcements.

Kaltura can also integrate with other recommendation engines and enhance its recommendations.

Interactive Personalized EPG

For media applications, the electronic program guide is personalized for each user, and offers an abundance of opportunities for interaction. Viewers can filter by genres and personal favorites, bookmark channels, search, catch up on past shows, and get additional show information.

Subtitles and Cross-Language Search

Add searchable subtitles from professional translators across 200+ languages.