OTT Household and Device Management

Kaltura offers the most powerful personalized OTT viewing platform in the market. No user gets the same experience with Kaltura’s sophisticated, immersive personalization tools. With Kaltura you can allow each viewer to have a personal profile with their own wish-list, friends activity feed, show notifications and a way to set parental control limitations for younger viewers.

OTT Subscriber Management

With household management, support multiple profiles in a single household for greater insight and monetization opportunities.

Easily control the number of users and devices per household. Allow households to upgrade to increase users, devices, and recording time in cloud DVR.

Personal profiles keep up-to-date intelligence on each viewer’s favorite content and viewing habits across multiple devices, allowing for targeted offers. Customized profiles, including watch lists, social integration, recommendations, and more increase engagement and views and lower risk of churn.


With OTT SelfCare account management, users can control their own preferences, including billing options, parental controls, and more.

Device Management with Pay TV

Restrict the total number of devices with pay TV, or the number of concurrent devices. Monetize by offering extra devices as an up-charge.

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