OTT Second Screen Experience

When viewers jump from device to device, even while watching the same show, it’s critical that they receive the same viewing experience on their mobile device and in their living room. With OTT second screen they can begin watching on one screen and easily pick up on another.

Usually the “second screen experience” hinges on the fact that mobile is a lean forward device while the TV set is a lean back device. Several actions, like search, are easier to do over mobile.

OTT on a second screen

Launch on more than 10 platforms on day 1

Kaltura offers template applications for mobile, web, and connected TV devices to allow you to create a unified cross-device experience and launch on up to 10 devices from day 1.

Different Devices, One Personalized Experience

Make controlling the TV fun. Viewers can start on their personal devices, choose a program and even begin playing it. Then, with a swipe of the fingers, “swoosh” it to the big screen!

As viewers swap screens, they receive a continuous OTT TV experience. Whether continuing watching from where they left off on a different devices or downloading content to a mobile device to go, users can enjoy content anywhere.

Kaltura supports a great second-screen OTT TV experience as well. Viewers can use mobile devices as a discovery tool to look for other content even while watching the big screen. In-app purchases, add to wish list, and pay via web features make it easy and intuitive to navigate by device.

Exceptional 10-Foot Experience

Deliver the high-quality living room TV experience that TV viewers expect. With a user experience based on screen size, ensure that viewers see a consistent, branded look and feel that is nonetheless optimized for each screen.