Personalized OTT User Experience

Give every user a personalized OTT experience, differentiating between individuals within a household.

Household Management

Manage subscribers at the household level to create a user-oriented OTT TV experience across different devices. Support multiple user profiles within a single household. Allow personalized watch-list history, language preference, parental controls and device registration, cross device personal zones, companion modes, social engagement capabilities, intelligent search and content recommendation, application personalization, and front-end presentation management.

OTT Watch List and History

Keep track of watch lists and history for each individual user in the household. Allow users to manage favorites list for easy search and discovery. Track purchased and rented videos at both the personal and household level. Maintain personalized cloud-DVR libraries.

OTT watch list and history


The Kaltura Recommendation Engine and integration with third party recommendation engines provide personalized recommendations based on social network activity, previous viewing history, and more.

OTT Notifications

Let your viewers set notifications, so they are alerted when their content that they’re interested in becomes available. A personalized inbox ensures your viewers get just the notifications, system announcements, and even coupons that apply to them.

OTT lets users set notifications

Social Features

Make OTT TV social. Allow each user to create their own Facebook login. A social feed tracks friends’ activities and recommendations, increasing engagement and discovery. Give viewers the ability to like shows, either from within the app itself or on Facebook, and share shows on Facebook, Twitter, and email with deep linking to the show within the app.

OTT lets each user be social, e.g. setup a Facebook page