Server-Side Ad Insertion, or Ad-Stitching

Display ads on any device and bypass ad blockers with Kaltura’s server-side ad insertion.

With server-based ad technology, or ad-stitching, the ads appear within the video stream seamlessly, without the interruption of any download buffering either before or after the ad. By inserting the ads on the server, serve ads on more devices than ever before, including all smartphones, connected devices and smart TVs, with minimal integration requirements. In addition to offering a superior viewer experience without buffering, ad-stitching bypasses ad blockers to enable greater content monetization opportunities.

Live and VOD

Server-side ad insertion is available for both live and on-demand content.

  • Dynamic ad replacement for VOD and cloud-DVR recorded content
  • Frame accurate
  • Seamless transition between original content and ads due to accurate real time transcoding of ads to fit the original stream bit rates
  • Support for slating (configuration of an image/audio/video slate to appear before or after each ad pod)
  • Support for all delivery profiles (HSS, HLS, Dash)

Any Ad-Network

Our ad-stitching technology is fully VAST and IMA3 complaint, allowing publishers to serve ads using their existing ad-server. In addition, Kaltura offers native integration with Google’s DFP and YuMe that offers additional functionality.

Kaltura ad insertion can serve ads sold direct or via real-time bidding and waterfall configuration.

Ad networks





Any Device

With Kaltura’s server-side ad insertion, publishers can display on nearly any device that streams video:










Bypassing Ad Blockers

Billions of dollars of ad revenue is lost each year by ad-blockers on web and mobile. Server side-insertion can bypass such technologies, offering an immediate boost to your accessible inventory. In Server Side Ad Stitching, the ad is stitched frame accurately within the original content itself, making the ad playback part of the content viewing experience. Ads are transcoded on the fly to match the video quality of the original content, whether live or VOD, to maximize quality, accuracy and viewing experience. Since ads are stitched as part of the original stream, this eases the integration with devices such as connected TVs, STBs as well as mobile devices since there is no need for external SDKs and integrations to display the ads.