Video Accessibility

Kaltura’s “accessibility first” development approach ensures content is accessible within Kaltura across products, services, and devices. Users can order captions and transcriptions through the Kaltura REACH application within Kaltura MediaSpace, any supported Learning Management System, or Kaltura Architecture Framework (KAF) enabled product. Our 508 compliant player adds another layer of accessibility to the user experience and brings all of this into your business, campus, or external marketing sites.

Download Kaltura's Video Accessibility datasheet.

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Accessibility First Approach

Kaltura builds products with accessibility in mind and leverages our vast network of partners and customers to understand the needs of the market with regard to compliance to go beyond the legal requirements outlined on ADA/508.

Accessibility Compliance and Captions

Kaltura enables administrators and creators to create or request captions from Kaltura MediaSpace or any integrated product and through our REACH accessibility tool.

ADA/508 Compliant Player

Kaltura empowers partners to adhere to government and industry regulations with our ADA/508 compliant video player.