Video Discovery and Search

Kaltura’s tools make video more searchable and discoverable. Whether through captions and transcriptions from Kaltura REACH, searchable slide text from video presentations from Kaltura CaptureSpace, or advanced metadata and search tools in Kaltura MediaSpace, Kaltura makes it easier to find desired content within your video library.

Searchable video

Video Library Search and Discovery

Now you can transform massive, unstructured video collections into usable data archives. Searchable captions make video content SEO intelligent to improve video discovery, viewer engagement, stickiness, and achievement.

In-Video Search and Metadata Enrichment

Search videos down to the word-level with accurate captions and transcriptions. Jump to playback directly from the search results.

Machine ASR Transcript Editor

Save money by editing your ASR machine transcribed files and increase the accuracy of Kaltura’s search, discovery and SEO in the process.

Subtitles and Cross-Language Search

Add searchable subtitles from professional translators across 200+ languages.