Video Interactivity and Engagement

Video Interactivity and Engagement

With our video interactivity capabilities, fully engage your users with your education and enterprise video content. Improve viewer comprehension and performance, increase participation and productivity, drive conversion, and boost monetization and user experience.

Interactive Chapters, Slides, and Views

Make the viewing experience more engaging with an interactive player. With a searchable chapters menu, easily break down a video into multiple chapters, giving each chapter its own thumbnail and searchable title, description and tags. Viewers can then easily browse through chapters, search for keywords and jump to specific areas in the video where the desired terms were presented.

Let viewers choose their own views, switching at will between picture-in-picture, side-by-side, and single views with an easy to use toggle.

Viewers can even adjust their playback speed and quality to meet their needs.

In-player social feed and mobile social activity feed

Interactive Video Quizzes

Add a quiz to a video at the click of a button by assigning specific questions to specific time points within the video. Learn more.

Creating interactive video quizzes

Video Recommendations

Whether appearing at the end of a video or on the sidebar, a video recommendation engine can keep viewers engaged with content even after the end of the first video.

Social Engagement

Kaltura’s players can include social sharing tools within the player itself. If enabled, viewers can share videos on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and over 50 other social networks, sites, and blogs. Embed codes can also make it easy to post videos on sites and blogs.

Time-based comments, sharing, and likes within your platform make it easy to share videos within the community and collaborate with colleagues.

Integration with 3rd Party Video Interactivity Technologies

Want to go even deeper with interactivity features? Allow users to pick their own video ending, or use overlays on videos, and more, via our integrations with leading video interactivity technology partners, such as Rapt Media and Viewbix.