Delivery Options

We offer the broadest range of delivery options. You can use our out-of-the-box internet based delivery with best of breed CDNs, behind-the-firewall delivery with Kaltura’s eCDN solution or integrate Kaltura with your own internal or external delivery infrastructure.

Internet Delivery Kaltura Internet delivery CDNs

We offer two ways to go about internet delivery:

Kaltura Bundled CDN Service - out-of-the-box CDN solutions fully integrated with global tier-1 CDNs such as Akamai and Tata Communications.

CDN of your Choice - Kaltura easily integrates with any CDN.

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Behind-the-Firewall Delivery

Choose the option that's best for your organization:

Kaltura eCDN - our out-of-the-box eCDN solution for scalable and secure video delivery behind the firewall.

Existing Infrastructure-based Solution - Kaltura can integrate with in-place infrastructure like streaming servers, and WAN accelerators, to create your desired internal delivery solution.

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Deliver video content internally to employees or students as well as to outside-the-firewall audiences (e.g. customers, vendors, alumni). Our solutions make complex delivery easy to manage.

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