Deployment Options: SaaS, On-Prem, Open Source, Cloud

We offer the broadest range of deployment options. You can sign-up for our fully hosted Software-as-a-Service offering, self-host the video platform behind your firewall or on the cloud, or our Hybrid variations between the two. We offer our on-premise edition under both a commercial license as well as under an open source AGPL license (Kaltura Community Edition).

Download our Deployment Options datasheet and learn about the considerations, various deployment options, and benefits of each Kaltura edition.  

Kaltura SaaS Edition

Kaltura's full-featured Software-as-a-Service video platform, including full Kaltura support and services such as tier-1 hosting, streaming, delivery, transcoding, syndication, distribution, advertising, security, monitoring and more.

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Kaltura On-Prem Edition 

Kaltura's full featured self-hosted Video Platform Software installed on your own servers or cloud and supported and maintained by Kaltura.  The On-Prem Edition is offered either under an Enterprise license for organizations that need an online video platform for their own media, or under an OEM license for organizations that want to offer their own OVP services.  Both licenses are offered with Kaltura maintenance and support services.

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Kaltura Community Edition - Open Source Video CMS

Kaltura's free, open-source, self-hosted version of the platform, supported by the Kaltura Community. The Community Edition is developed through the combined efforts of Kaltura and the community. The platform and its source code are available for free at

Kaltura Cloud Edition

Kaltura’s Cloud Edition allows you to host your own edition of Kaltura’s Video Platform Software on one of our commercial cloud partners.

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