Video Upload and Ingestion

With video upload you can transfer video from your system into another system.

Video ingestion is the process by which the receiver of the video takes it in and processes it for further use.

Our upload and ingestion tools support your needs, from basic end-user upload and capture capabilities, to powerful tools for content administrators.

For Content Administrators

Quickly upload any file type: video, audio, images or documents. Ingest 600 videos at once, or just a couple. Create automated workflows, or simply add content from your browser or desktop. Let users contribute videos, even from a smartphone.

Video ingestion

Browser-based Ingestion

Upload video files from your computer, webcam, or import from your web host; all from within the Kaltura Management Console.

Bulk Video Upload and FTP Upload

Import multiple files per session via a simple comma separated file (CSV) or a complex XML structure. Ingest files from your own FTP server, or upload to Kaltura’s FTP location. For customers hosting their content on a CDN or storage server, metadata fields can be imported separately from the actual content.

Automated Content Ingestion via a Drop Folder

Just add your media and metadata to a drop folder (on-premise or on our servers) and the Kaltura system will activate an ingestion workflow tailored to your needs. Supports upload of metadata only, as well as pushing media directly to your CDN, or on-premise storage.

High-Speed Upload Powered by AsperaTM

Upload large files dozens of times faster than traditional FTP/HTTP based connections using a web-based interface, or your own Aspera ™ Client.  Multi-Gb files can transfer in minutes instead of hours.

Kaltura Upload API

Leverage Kaltura’s robust API to implement custom content ingestion workflows.

For End-users (User Generated Content - UGC)

Upload Video and Other Media

Enable users to upload media directly from within the organizational video portal or any application integrated with Kaltura.

They’ll be able to:

  • Upload files from their desktop and mobile devices
  • Capture videos from their webcam
  • Create screen recordings in real-time
  • Launch live web events
  • Creates video presentations with synchronized video and slides
  • Import directly from YouTube at the click of a button



Mobile App

Both administrators and users can upload media from their mobile device using Kaltura’s mobile app. New content can be added directly to categories in your library. 


Kaltura Media UPloader

Media Uploader & Import Wizard

Enable users to upload media via the easy-to-use import wizard.  Upload any type of rich-media file, from any location (computer, websites, direct from webcam).