Kaltura eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network) is a video delivery solution that ensures your Kaltura live and VOD video can always be viewed by your employees, without straining your network. Kaltura eCDN makes it possible to support a stellar viewing experience while still minimizing the impact on the corporate network, meeting data privacy and security regulations, and reducing bandwidth consumption and cost.

Download the Kaltura eCDN datasheet.

eCDN Use Cases

Why should you consider eCDN as part of your Kaltura deployment?

  • Live Video: Your CEO is presenting the strategy for the next quarter. At the start of the event, everyone joins the webcast. If everyone downloads the video separately, the network slows to a crawl. Viewers have a terrible experience, seeing a low-quality video, if anything at all. Even the employees not joining suffer, with connection problems across the company. eCDN downloads the video once and shares it across your intranet, for a fraction of the bandwidth. Deliver a high-quality video without interruption, for a successful event without impacting the rest of the business.
  • Video on Demand: Even non-live videos can face huge demand. A new, urgent compliance video is sent to all employees at 1pm. Everyone clicks the link in the next few minutes. Again, if everyone tries to watch at the same time, the network bogs down. eCDN allows the video to be downloaded ahead of time and served on the internal network to all employees, so no one has to wait. Don’t make employees have to try again later—make sure the experience is right the first time.
  • Low Bandwidth Sites: Video delivery can be challenging and expensive to manage for remote locations. Even if a site is small or remote, employees still need reliable video access. eCDN ensures easy video streaming and viewing, without the cost of expanding bandwidth. Make sure all employees, even at remote sites, can join live events and enjoy VOD recordings at high quality, without spending more on bandwidth.

Kaltura eCDN Features and Benefits

  • Dual Delivery: Enable both internal and external audiences to stream video via Kaltura eCDN or a public CDN, based on your security and business requirements'
  • Bandwidth and quality control: Control the optimal experience regardless of the device, network and infrastructure.
  • Playback on all devices: Deliver to desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • VOD Prepositioning: Plan ahead by using available bandwidth during quiet hours to download content without making your viewers wait.
  • Secure delivery and control: Integrate seamlessly with available content security and protection with maximum control based on location and entitlement.