Kaltura Video API

Kaltura’s open source platform includes hundreds of REST-based application programming interfaces (APIs) providing programmable access to every core service of the platform. With full access to our video API*, you can independently extend every feature and functionality of the Kaltura Platform. This means you’ll be able to seamlessly integrate Kaltura’s various solutions, services, and widgets to create a unified experience within your chosen environments - be it a known CMS, or custom in-house application.

End-to-end media asset management flows. No secrets – everything Kaltura can do, our APIs do:

  • Ingest content, set up watch folders and storage profiles

  • Create and manage metadata profiles, flows, thumbnails, and custom distribution adapters

  • Setup Access Control Profiles; control who can access your content and when

  • Tap into the media asset lifecycle and get client and server notifications for every step of the ingestion, transcoding and publishing workflow

  • Capture video analytics and measure your content performance

  • Integrate 3rd party solutions and applications with Kaltura, and extend your reach on the Kaltura Exchange

API Tools and Resources

We provide full API Documentation and a Test Console where developers can learn how to use the API and test their queries. Kaltura’s automated client library generator provides an up-to-date API SDK in native programming languages. The Test Console automatically creates sample code for your specific API calls in various programming languages.

Video API Client Libraries – Software Development Kit

To enable easy integration with Kaltura’s platform, we provide several API client libraries (API SDK) written in all common programming languages.

Video Platform - API Client Libraries






Video Player API

Along with powerful streaming and media management APIs, our standard compliant Video Player SDK, based on Adobe Flash and HTML5, features true cross-platform video and rich-media playback.

The Kaltura Video Player SDK includes a rich set of APIs for player embedding, customization, white-labeling and integration via Javascript or ActionScript 3.0. By leveraging the Kaltura Player you can create your own custom players with less effort and at no cost!

  • Endless flexibility for creating your own custom design and playback experiences

  • Automatically switch between HTML5 video and Flash, maintaining a unified look & feel

  • Work with any type of streaming protocols, from adaptive streaming, HTTP streaming and DRM

  • Increase engagement with smart and dynamic playlists, related, and more

  • Optimize SEO using Kaltura’s SEO best practices embedding guidelines.

Leverage 3rd party plugins, or create your own:

  • Feature Ad Networks, Ad Servers or parse VAST compliant feeds

  • Integrate with 3rd party solutions for payments and entitlement

  • Get analytics from known providers like Omniture, Google Analytics or ComScore or integrate with your selected custom analytics engines

  • Allow sharing and reach a wider audience by integrating social networking into the player

  • Create endless custom behaviors and interactions

API Security

Kaltura Video API implements several levels of security, enabling proper API usage entitlement to end-users, publisher admin users and platform admin users. Each API session is restricted by user permissions and is secured by a session token that is generated with specific credentials and/or secret keys.

Learn more about video APIs at the Kaltura Knowledge Center


* if your Kaltura package/ license includes full access.