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Promote community among employees
Launch CorporateTube: Your Video Communication Hub
With unmatched video creation, authoring, search and user engagement capabilities, CorporateTube channels the power of online video, promoting community, collaboration and knowledge sharing. CorporateTube provides a hub for executive messaging, allows employees to showcase their work and collect feedback, publish and watch team meetings recordings, and much more, dramatically improving employee productivity.
Live video training
Live Webcasts – No Longer for Executives Only

Boost enterprise communication with secure and reliable live webcasting capabilities. Simple to use, reliable, and secure, and possible to engage thousands of employees globally. Broadcast CEO and executive announcements, stream townhalls, corporate events, and live training webcasts, on any device. But webcasting is no longer only for executive communications. Kaltura democratizes webcasting allowing each authorized employee to launch a live webcast to communicate and share knowledge with the organization.

Connect employees with a video platform
Empower Employees to Share Knowledge and Collaborate

Connect geographically dispersed teams and drive idea exchange across the company with advanced Employee Generated Content (EGC) capabilities. Employees can easily create how-to videos, software tutorials, expert advice, and sales success stories. Preserve employee expertise and improve productivity with a searchable knowledge base of powerful employee-generated videos, shared across employee portals.

Add sharing to blogs, forums, wikis
Drive Social Business by Adding Video to Your Enterprise Applications

Maximize your investment in social business tools such as Jive, IBM Connections, and SharePoint and improve collaboration and idea exchange by adding video creation and sharing capabilities natively to blogs, forums, wikis, and group spaces within these tools.

Reach workers on any device, any time
Collaborate and Communicate Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Reach your workforce and customers wherever they are, on any device, allowing them to communicate and share knowledge from anywhere – from the office, conferences, off-sites, and the commute. Optimized communication and knowledge sharing means having the ability to connect, create knowledge or consume knowledge at your finger-tips 24/7.

Measure popularity of cloud videos
Measure Engagement to Drive Progress

Track and understand your end-users’ video related behavior and measure the effectiveness of your video communications initiatives, with actionable analytics. Discover which videos are trending and are most popular, how engaging was the recent CEO speech, which employees contribute the most videos, which platforms or devices content is consumed from, how successfully video is adopted across the organization and for what purposes.

Total security over your videos
Secure and Control Your Company’s Knowledge

Our end-to-end security and governance mechanisms enable your employees and executives to create and share valuable information without exposing your business to risk, and making sure their video communications only reach authorized individuals. Have peace of mind with IT, security, and legal compliance.

Use our central digital repository
Break Digital Content Silos

Kaltura provides you with a central digital repository to store, manage, and distribute all of your rich-media content, eliminating the overhead of a siloed management approach.

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