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Power-up corporate training by video
Launch TrainingTube: Your Video Training Portal

Launch a video-centric portal designed to power Corporate University initiatives and online training programs. TrainingTube also features live and on-demand video capabilities, along with interactive in-video quizzing, chaptering, and search.

Soup up your video training system
Add the Power of Video to Your Corporate LMS and Social Business Platforms

Enrich your existing corporate Learning Management System and social business application with advanced video capabilities. Instructors can easily produce training videos and video assignments and publish to course modules on the LMS or to relevant group spaces such as Jive, IBM Connections or SharePoint

Stream it live
Simplify Live Video Training Webcasts

Stream live video training presentations to any number of viewers on any device, with a single click. Live webcasts are automatically recorded, transcribed, and published for on-demand viewing and search. 

Publish and distribute training videos
Anyone Can Produce Training Videos

Allow instructors to easily create, capture, edit and publish training videos from their office, home, studio or a classroom, and students can learn from a distance. Kaltura’s content creation and authoring tools, such as CaptureSpace, simplify production of interactive training presentations.

Super search
Accelerate Access to Knowledge with Powerful Search

Allow users to not only search for keywords within the title and description, but also to skip to the exact point within the video or corresponding slide where the keyword is mentioned.

Access to videos off any device
Access to Training Content Anywhere, Anytime, On Any Device

With Kaltura’s cross device support and a native mobile app that allows playback of videos offline, employees have a 24/7 access to training content, enabling them to learn at work, while commuting, and at off-sites. 

Measure how well employees are being trained
Assess Training Programs and Trainee Performance

Measure the effectiveness of your video courses with video analytics and in-video quizzes. User and content specific indicators help track and improve training programs, measure ROI, and verify completion of courses for compliance purposes.

Secure your enterprise video
Simplify and Secure Video Training Content Management

Kaltura provides you with a central digital asset repository to store, manage, and distribute all of your rich-media content. Our security and governance mechanisms enable your employees to securely create and share valuable video training content.

Use video to train and onboard employees, partners and customers faster and more cost effectively 

Explore the many different learning and development needs of the modern company.
Kaltura & IMG keep Norwegian Railway Company's far-flung employees current on rapid changes, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.
Discover how video can make learning and training more efficient and compelling.