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Your video marketing isn't confined
Scale Your Video Marketing

Enhance and scale your existing marketing campaigns with one-click publishing of videos to landing pages, company video portals, websites and more.

Market with calls to action
Maximize Lead Generation and Engagement

Convert viewers to leads and customers with Kaltura’s in-player calls-to-action, forms, and related videos. They help you increase user interaction and generate more leads.

Distribute on the platform
Extend the Reach of Your Marketing Video

Drive more visitors to your website and landing pages with Kaltura’s video distribution and SEO tools. Enjoy one-click syndication to sites like YouTube, video recommendations, instant social sharing, and embedding directly from the player.

Success at marketing
Measure Success and Enable Sales

Track video views, plays, and interactions to improve lead nurturing and lead qualification via segmentation, targeting, and scoring. Provide your sales professionals with lead specific video engagement data to help them understand the lead’s interests and focus areas.

Justify video production budget
Maximize Your Video Content Effectiveness

Track conversions of your video marketing campaigns to justify your video production budget. Use detailed video analytics and A/B testing to constantly improve your video content.

Integrate your platform into other systems
Integrate Video Into Your Marketing Automation System

Enjoy Kaltura’s seamless integration with marketing automation software like Marketo or Eloqua to simplify tracking video-based marketing campaigns within the context of other marketing activities. 

Kaltura’s video marketing tools empower companies to engage with their audiences like never before.
Learn how Rich Products uses video as a sales tool.