Best video player. Uses HTML5.
Fast Video Player

Offer the best experience with the fastest and most feature-rich video player designed to monetize live and VOD on any device. 

Make your own monetizable video library
Out of the Box Video Portal

Launch your own "YouTube" where you get to keep all the revenue or build a customized portal with our Drupal and WordPress plugins.

Engage your audience with the video platform
Unique Video Marketing Tools

Keep your user-base engaged with video overlays, clear calls to action and email registration forms. 

Monetize your video
Advanced Video Marketing

Device- and cloud-based advertising to display personalized ads on any device regardless of SDKs and ad-blockers. Don’t settle for less.

Manage all types of media
Rich Media CMS

 Manage videos, audio, images, and even EPG files.

Syndicate for further engagement

Easily maximize distribution to Hulu, YouTube, Roku, iTunes and many more.

Scale with us
Single, Affordable Solution

We bundle storage, CDN and offer free transcoding to offer maximum flexibility at the lowest price point.

Works across devices
Customize Once, Deliver Everywhere

The most advanced API set for customization - on web, mobile and connected devices. Your ad network, your reporting tools. 

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