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Complete video PaaS
More Than Transcoding – Complete Video PaaS Built to Scale

Kaltura is designed to be a highly scalable and cost-effective platform for developers and businesses to build rich live video and VOD experiences. Featuring a sophisticated distributed batch architecture, real-time streaming servers, robust API and automation tools Kaltura will scale reliably to infinity and provide your customers a complete video asset management platform.

We provide the tools to customize your video.
White-Labeling and OEM Capabilities

Make it your own. Kaltura was designed from the core to the applications to be easily customized, themed and embedded. Add workflows and capabilities to your products, and own the design, look and feel, and entire platform management.

Video API to control Kaltura
By Developers for Developers

At Kaltura we build the platform API first. From ingestion and playback to processes and server management, every feature and capability in Kaltura is controlled via the platform API. Build custom, creative video experiences using the platform that powers global OTT broadcasters and enterprise mission critical video operations. Explore our Player Toolkit.

Open and standards compliant
Standards and Open Source

Grow reliably with an open and standards compliant platform. Use integrations for cloud platforms and DevOps tools such as OpenStack and Chef. As an Open Source platform Kaltura ensures the openness and freedom expected from cloud platforms, and the flexibility to adapt, integrate and extend.

Make the cloud of videos usable by all devices
Videofy Your Applications

Why reinvent the wheel with every video page, playlist, upload flow, and library view? Leveraging the Kaltura Player and Kaltura Applications Framework, you can increase your team’s efficiency by incorporating standardized applicative views with complete cross-browser compatibility supporting HTML5, Flash, iOS, Android, Smart TVs, and many other devices.

Community of people
Powered By Many – An Ecosystem of Success

It’s more than technology – we’re a community of developers, media technology providers, integrators and standards advocates who care about the future of video. The Kaltura marketplace features seamlessly integrated solutions, professionals, and an abundance of resources to ensure your success in building with Kaltura.